About NOLC

The National Overcomers Leadership Conference (NOLC) is a ministry organized in 2020, to address civil rights by tackling Systemic, Economic, Judicial and Political Oppression while furthering the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The NOLC  was founded in order to have a national organization that could restore families and create positive change across the United States.The organization will hold its meetings at Barbershops, Hair Salons, Daycares and Mom and Pop Restaurants. 


The NOLC was founded in Dallas, Texas, due to the Systemic, Economic, Judicial, Legal and Political Oppression that targeted African American communities. African American communities in Dallas, other urban cities and rural communities across America have historically been oppressed and neglected by the very individuals they elected to represent them.  While NOLC will exercise civil dissent, its primary role will be to train and educate communities on economic opportunities. 

The NOLC leadership believe they have the heart, wisdom, and fortitude to care for those that are often neglected and exploited.  Some of those the organization targets include single mothers, minority small business owners, restaurant servers, young adults ages 16 through 25, homeless individuals and those with a felony conviction. 

Before its inception, the NOLC founder had focused his efforts on servicing and empowering communities across America. It was during those efforts he learned about the systemic and political oppression that Struggling Americans face daily. The NOLC also will focus on equity, inclusion and the protection of constitutional rights for all Americans.  The NOLC and its founder does not care about the oppressor’s race, age, gender or title and therefore anyone that oppresses the people will be addressed.


United States of America

Founder and Director of Governmental Affairs 


Bruce Carter earned his Bachelor of Arts from Iowa Wesleyan University where he received two-time All-American Honors as a football player. He likes to say he went on to earn his master’s from Let Down University and P.H.D from Overcomers University. In 1993 he had his experience with law enforcement when he was charged with the illegal purchase of firearms. Upon receiving 5-year probation it was violated one week before expiration after he went hunting with business associates who were doctors and attorneys. He served 18 months in federal prison. 

The Bruce Carter you will come to respect, and love is a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award after having positively touched over 500,000 youth through mentoring or public speaking. In 2016 he founded two of the most effective political ground games in America; Black Men for Bernie and Trump for Urban Communities. Like him or not his work is proven to be very productive. His motto is no one outworks or serves him and he lives by faith and favor. 

 "Which person is worse, the one that created the problem? or the one that knows of the problem but does nothing to fix it?" Bruce Carter


Cincinnati, Ohio

Minister of Spiritual Outreach and Senseless Violence Reduction


Seron Brooks is a licensed evangelist and not your average visionary. After being raised in an environment where both parents lived a life of criminal activities, drugs, and crimes, he decided to make a change. However, his story does not begin on the bright side. In fact, his triumphs stemmed from being in a life full of darkness. At the age of 12, Brooks’ life of crime began and continued well into his late 30’s. After serving many years in and out of juvenile institutions, being shot, stabbed, left for dead twice and sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, he began to seek help from a much higher power. “I’ve literally lived over half my life behind prison walls and the other half in the streets with absolutely no hope at all. I even contemplated suicide a few times because I couldn’t find a reason to live, I was at an end with no way out!”

Originally, Brooks never believed in God because everyone he knew lived the same type of lifestyle that he did - which made it normal. “I also always heard the stories about this “white man religion” called Christianity, which I’ve always persecuted and would never in a million years chose to follow. But, one day Jesus decided to visit me, and He spoke these very words to me ‘follow me for today I will make you a fisher of men throughout this world!” It was at this moment when the vision for Impact Change Now, Inc. was birthed. Mr. Seron Brooks has so much to share, that you must come and hear!


Dallas, Texas

Minister of Hispanic Relations and Real Estate Development


Juan Chapa attended high school in Dallas, but trouble found him early in life. As a young man, he entered the state penal system and served 18 months. Upon his release, he tried to find work but when his efforts went unsuccessful, he did what he knew, and he was caught and served seven years in federal prison for possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Juan was released from federal prison in 2006 with several certificates and he made a promise to himself that he would live according to the law.

Since his release in 2006, he has become a small business owner and a skilled home remodeler. Juan also decided he wanted to give back to society by using his life experiences to prevent young Hispanics boys from going down the wrong path. Some of his efforts included coaching little league football and providing jobs in his remodeling company. He also hangs his hat on being a loyal Cowboys fan. 

When asked what opportunities he would like to see Hispanics have and his reply was the same ones African Americans want, equal access to banking, housing and a good education.


Memphis, Tennessee 

Minister of  Small Business Development 


Everett Burton is a nationally known Certified Intuit QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Consultant, and one of the most dynamic professional speakers and empowerment trainers in the country. After serving his country in the Army he started his professional career in 1984 with IBM. After leaving IBM Everett started his training career and ultimately became a QuickBooks National Trainer in 1999. 


With a desire to expand his knowledge and software expertise, he began teaching QuickBooks Financial Software in 1999. It was during those years as a national trainer he saw an opportunity to elevate small businesses and he founded QuickBooks Made To Order (QBMTO). QuickBooks Made To Order is designed to make learning and using QuickBooks simple and easy.  


Unlike his co-founders, Everett does not have a felony but had to overcome more than them. In a three-year span, he lost his Wife, Mother, two brothers, and father in law, having two young boys to raise. He exercised his faith and grounded himself in service work. He is a faithful volunteer in his church and also does mentoring and volunteer work with the Youth Village Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, SCORE, Operation HOPE, Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association, Tennessee Small Business Development Centers, and The Black Business Association of Memphis.


Dallas, Texas 

Minister of  Recovery Outreach 


Lapaca Jefferson is the co-founder of the Atatiana “Tay” Jefferson Foundation. The foundation was founded by him and his brother Marquis Jefferson to honor the memory of his niece and his brother's daughter Atatiana Jefferson. Atatiana was the 28-year-old black woman murdered by white Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean. On October 28, 2019, Dean fired a single shot through a window killing Atatiana and ultimately her dad Marquis Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson died 28 days later of a broken heart in a Dallas hospital. Lapaca has had to deal with the deaths of both his loved ones but has also found purpose in a bad time. 


Lapaca talks about how he doesn’t understand why he is still alive and the good people in his family dead and gone. He has been shot, stabbed and set on fire due to his former lifestyle of drug use and criminal activity. He served over 20 years in Texas prisons and used drugs over 30 years. Lapaca was given an 80-year prison but while serving it he took to the law library and fought to have the sentence set aside. The difference is if we had not talked about his past you would have never known it. Lapaca is a true advocate for children, the homeless and those struggling with drug use. He has received numerous certificates, awards and is a licensed recovery coach. 


Los Angeles, California

Minister of Recruitment and Talent Development 


Born into activism as the grandson of Fred L. Shuttlesworth Sr., Shaun Ross has dedicated his life to holding the mantle and providing a pathway to freedom through entrepreneurship, creativity and community building. Fred Shuttlesworth Sr. was one of the founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and on Dec 25, 1956, his home and church were bombed by the KKK.

Shaun is a US Veteran and he has also earned his Accounting degree, with a minor in finance from Central State University. He fulfilled one of his dreams by becoming a proud member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and has dedicated his life to building upon the social action and health mandates. His dedication to end social injustices and domestic violence continues through the NOLC, and other avenues. In 1999 he had his experience with law enforcement when he was charged with possession of marijuana and sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

As an actor and public speaker, he has encouraged people to pursue their dreams on and off the screen. Shaun used his activism for voter registration as a field director with Acorn for the State of California. He worked on the 2008 and 2012 campaigns for President Barack Obama and in 2016 he was a key member of Black Men for Bernie.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Mission

To provide a trusted platform that stands up for and provides real opportunities for everyone, especially African American’s to overcome any obstacle or issue in order to live life, have liberty and pursue happiness. 


Our Vision

To train and develop 1 million Doers by 2025 that will have started a business or purchased a home. Additionally, each successful Doer will personally mentor 10 individuals on how to purchase a home. 

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