2020 Social and Purpose Projects

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Project Pull Up

Project Pull Up was inspired by Artist Rihanna during her Feb 23,2020 NAACP award speech. She compelled the audience to challenge their friends and associates of different races, sexes and religions to PULL UP when we are fighting and protesting injustices. 


The project provides a platform for all races, genders and religions to participate if they truly care about the progress of poor people, struggling Americans and America’s lifelong attack on African Americans.

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Black Men Will Vote In 2020 is an Educational Awareness Project answering a 911 call from Struggling Americans that are seeking opportunities regardless of race or political views.  


Black Men Will Vote In 2020 believes through opportunity, America will become safer and prosperous for all. The question is, what effect is financial insecurity playing in America's Senseless Violence and Opioid Crisis?

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The Harriet Train

The purpose of The Harriet Train is to address some of America's systemic issues that causes poverty and negatively affects women of color and their children. The Harriet Train  (THT) will seek to address the issues by providing them opportunities for prosperity and political mentoring.


Some of the issues that will be addressed are lack of economic opportunities, educational inequities, senseless violence and lack of representation.